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The Siege of Morjanssik
Conflict: Dacan Civil War
Date: 17 ABY
Place: Morjanssik, Dac
Outcome: Quarren Survivalist Party victory

Quarren Survivalist Party

New Republic




The Siege of Morjanssik was the second major strike conducted by the Quarren Survivalist Party during the Dacan Civil War of 16 ABY. It was also the first operation conducted after their existence was revealed to the Mon Calamari Council.

The siege began in the farium mines lining the ocean trench below. Operating with fresh weaponry and armed submersibles, they were able to gain control of the mines quickly. Then, waves of Quarren soldiers assaulted Morjanssik's perimeter.

The New Republic Marine Corps was quick to respond, sending forces into the city. However, they faced a unique challenge, forced to split their troops between two major tasks: defending the city, and evacuating the innocents.

At the time, Morjanssik fueled a majority of the planet's economic backbone. New Republic Military leaders feared that a defeat might favor the Party's needs, not to mention losing entire storehouses of weapons and artillery stockpiled in the city.

Following a week of intense fighting, General Carlist Rieekan ordered a full tactical withdrawal of the New Republic Marine Corps from Morjanssik. Their primary mission was to evacuate the remaining New Republic citizens, and they did well at that. However, the difficult decision essentially surrendered the city to QSP control. General Rieekan expressed his disappointment at the loss, but pointed out that peace-keeping operations were growing more effective. IGN even supported his claim, showing that Reef Home City had seen a sharp drop in violence.

The Dacan Civil War was coming to a close. But the QSP had won Morjanssik. New lines were drawn, and the future became even more uncertain.

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