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Showdown at the Meltdown
Conflict: Nar Shaddaa Revolution
Date: 15 ABY
Place: Nar Shaddaa
Outcome: New Sith Order victory (in secrecy)

New Sith Order

Grubba the Hutt


Darth Malign



A variety of sentients gathered together out of neccessity to defend themselves.

Varius thugs under the employ of Grubba the Hutt.


Xanzar and his thugs

"Either get out, or get shooting!"

The Showdown at the Meltdown saw the first stages of Grubba's fall during the Nar Shaddaa Revolution of 15 ABY.

Civil War Edit

With Nar Shaddaa under blockade, tensions rose to a breaking point on the Smugglers Moon. All the heavy sidearms had come out, all the armor was worn; every extra precaution was being taken as the denisens of the moon, trapped beneath the blockade, waited for the fire to ignite. As time wore on, tensions brewed across the moon, until a group of vigilantes led by Darth Malign struck the match that set the moon ablaze. The sounds of running, blaster fire, swoops, destruction, and other assorted signs of violence began to spread across the moon, until virtually the entire planet had erupted into a disorganized but bloody civil war.

The Showdown Edit

Darth Malign, using the alias of "Tatooine Bob", along with his comrades Axel Vichten and Thanos, ended up cornered in the Meltdown Cafe by a handful of Grubba the Hutt's vicious thugs under the leadership of Xanzar the Wookiee. Desperation brought those remaining inside the Meltdown Cafe to band together against Xanzar and his thugs, who were bent on killing everyone in their path just to get to "Tatooine Bob". With the smattering of illegal weaponry involved, the battle grew bloody and gruesome. Some survivors even claimed that the floor of the cafe was slick and hard to walk on.

The battle took a turn when Tatooine Bob and Thanos split the enemy, sending half of the cafe's customers through a hole put into the floor by Xanzar's gigantic battle club. Xanzar himself became a corpse full of holes when a call for money on the Wookiee's head was declared. A glimpse of the incident went out over the IGN feeds when a reporter captured Tatooine Bob's call for help on her holo camera. Tatooine Bob, however, had all but bursted his cover by the use of his lightsaber.

Malign and his allies were able to secure the bar, giving them a few precious moments of time to regroup. Meanwhile, however, the Hutts were sending everything they had in an effort to retain their territory. Thousands of beings of all races were hitting the streets, looking for Malign and his group of allies. Thanos, however, having split off at the Meltdown Cafe with a group of fighters, was clearing the streets on the lower levels, enlisting many of the gangs support.

The numbers were turning. Through their combined efforts, Malign and Thanos had enlisted thousands of fresh warriors to their cause. The revolution, however, was far from over. From orbit, the Smugglers' Moon appeared as if it had actually caught fire... but the Hutts weren't about to give up so easily.

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  • The New Sith Order and any mention to this group is strictly OOC.

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