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Second Battle of Mon Calamari
Conflict: Imperial Civil War
Date: 11 ABY
Place: Mon Calamari
Outcome: New Republic Victory

True Empire

New Republic/Griffons Alliance


Admiral Javert
Major Kaum



HIMS Emperor's Fist

NRSD Chancellor
NRSD Templar
NRSC Sluis Van
NRSC Alderaan
NRSC Deliverance




The New Republic saw an opportunity to deal a blow to both the Empire and the forces of Palpatine and struck at Palpatine-held Mon Calamari, one of their last strongholds in the wake of the fall of Venixun.

The planet was heavily defended, but with support from the Griffons Alliance, they were able to break through the defensive lines.

The naval battle dragged on as the New Republic deployed ground troops, backed up by Griffon SATs. Unfortunately for the army of Palpatine, they had lost a majority of their forces in the nuclear explosion on Venixun.

Major Kaum, a survivor of Venixun, organized the retreat of the "rebels", and evacuated along with the remnants of the navy to their last stronghold on Novar III. The planet was liberated by the Republic, and Mon Calamari soon rejoined the Republic.

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