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Raid on Coral City
Conflict: Dacan Civil War
Date: 17 ABY
Place: Coral City, Dac
Outcome: Imperial victory

Quarren Survivalist Party

New Republic



716th Marine Battalion
Dacan police units


3 marines
144 Mon Calamarian citizens

The Raid on Coral City was the first organized operation conducted by the Quarren Survivalist Party during the Dacan Civil War of 16 ABY.

The attack began just before dawn. Quarren soldiers, using grappling weapons and explosives, breached the underbelly of the floating capital city from their hiding place under the sea. After blowing a hole in the city's belly, they infiltrated the sewer system and breached multiple lower-class residential neighborhoods along the lowest levels of the city. There, the Quarren soldiers began brutally murdering Mon Calamari citizens.

Marine and local policing units were dispatched to any location within response distance, ordered to fire on the hostiles using stun weapons and low-yield grenade weapons only. The Quarren quickly spread the playing field, retreating into the sewers and cropping back up at various points throughout the lower level. Having trained under elite Stormtroopers of the 501st, they put up a tough fight. Nevertheless, the New Republic marines nearly had most of the groups cornered, when the Quarren beat a hasty retreat into the sewers, dropping into the oceans below and out of sight.

The New Republic marines were able to capture some of the Quarren soldiers, and their interrogations would reveal the Quarren Survivalist Party to the New Republic's officials.

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