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Operation Sudden Fury
Conflict: Dacan Civil War
Date: 16 ABY
Place: Reef Home City, Dac

Quarren Survivalist Party

New Republic



5th Marine Corps
Dacan police units


3 marines

Operation Sudden Fury was conducted by the New Republic 224th Marine Battalion, during the Dacan Civil War of 16 ABY.

At the behest of Dac's Planetary Governor, the 5th Marine Corps was called into duty to help with Dac's overwhelmed civil police forces. Based on Intelligence provided by the Governor's agents, two units from the 224th made first combat action at the Loman Industrial Bacta Facility at Reef Home City. The Loman Facility had been overrun by Quarren rioters, its staff taken hostage and under duress.

Once in control of the facility, the marines established a green zone for the facility and a dustoff site in the courtyard. There were eight casualties, four fatalities. The Quarren resistance was moderate. No heavy weapons were involved. The 70th Infantry was assigned by the New Republic Army to supplement future Marine operations. This allowed the Marines to take on Special Operations Command until furthur noticed.

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