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Third Battle of Corellia
Conflict: Galactic Civil War, Imperial Blitzkrieg
Date: 14 ABY
Place: Corellia
Outcome: Imperial victory; Corellia under Imperial control

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Emblem nr starphoenix
New Republic


Fleet Admiral Drayson Honos
Military Advisor Danik Kreldin
Commodore David Stone



Task Force Hammer
Task Force Anvil
Task Force Crimson Star
Task Force Inquisitor
Task Force Renegade
Task Force Devastator
Task Force Defender
Task Force Grey Wolf

VSD Coronet



VSD Coronet (captured)

Situated at the origin of two major trade routes, Corellia is regarded as a cornerstone or gateway star system. Control of this system meant not only control of its production facilities and resources, but command of nearly 1/5th of the known galaxy. Because the pressure of the Imperial operation had stretched New Republic forces so thin, a minimal, disheveled defensive force was all that remained in Corellia in 14 ABY. The New Republic was counting on the Corellian Security Force (known as CorSec) to be more substantial, but it would have taken nearly three times the quantity and effort to thwart what the Empire had planned for the system.

Fleet Admiral Drayson Honos, a traditional despiser of collateral damage, organized a plan involving a small cargo freighter named the Borderlands Skate. The ship was dispatched to Corellia, under the guise of being just one of thousands of commercial craft that ply the trade routes. Unbeknownst to CorSec, she was carrying an anti-sensor clad EMP canister — one powerful enough to neutralize nearly an entire star system. The Skate lay at anchor for what reports now say was two days, then triggered the canister. The resulting pulse was so powerful, the ship virtually disintegrated, and left the entire system wallowing without power.

No more than fifteen minutes later, the Imperial battlefleet arrived in system, having drawn up to the edge of Corellian space during the prior day, fresh off their victory at Chandrila. This was more of a mop-up exercise executed by the Imperial fleet, and by the end of the day, they were deploying ground troops on each of the five planets to expeditiously remove the token New Republic defenders. This latest victory in the Imperial Blitzkrieg effectively marooned Coruscant, cutting it off from this arm of the galaxy, and its lone remaining key system-of-support, Sullust.

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