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Destruction of the HIMS Vindictive
Conflict: Galactic Civil War
Date: 16 ABY
Place: Deep Space, Bimmiel
Outcome: New Republic victory

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Emblem nr starphoenix
New Republic


Admiral Jal'Dana Rall

Commander Jared Starwind
Major Kyrin Sh'vani


HIMS Vindictive
HIMS Widowmaker
Widowmaker Squadron

NRCV Audacity
NRCV Land Runner
NRCV Plaxif
NRAF Portrane
Ghost Squadron
Falcon Squadron


HIMS Vindictive

NRCV Land Runner
NRCV Plaxif
Some Fighters

Better knows as the destruction of the HIMS Vindictive, the battle of Bimmiel was fought early in 16 ABY. The battle of Bimmiel was initiated by the New Republic after intelligence reports that the HIMS Vindictive, commanded by Admiral Jal'Dana Rall would be exposed during repairs.

The ambush Edit

After being informed by NRI of the state of Task Force Inquisitor's flagship and its vulnerability. The vessel being in Bimmiel while undergoing desperate repairs, most of its crew having already departed. A small task group, composed of three corvettes and an Assault Frigate, was assembled to take down the old Star Destroyer while it was down.

The assault was led by the task group's fighter compliment, with the Audacity providing covering fire and taking out as many of the Vindictive's batteries. The primary damage to the Star Destroyer was done by the other capital vessels, in particular the NRAF Portrane.

Aftermath Edit

The battle was called to an end when escape shuttles began to be launched from the Vindictive, the Star Destroyer soon ending up a wreck. After it was cleared, the vessel drifted up in many pieces after its reactor blew up. It was then that the New Republican task group realized that Admiral Rall herself was on the vessel and left the system on a Z-95 starfighter

The attacking forces did not leave unharmed, the NRCV Land Runner was destroyed and the NRCV Plaxif had to be towed back to Ord Radama and was scuttled after salvaging what could be retrieved. All in all, however, this was considered a much-needed victory for the New Republic.

Logs Edit

Ambush against the HIMS Vindictive.

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