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Battle of Gastus IV
Conflict: Galactic Civil War, The Great Campaign
Date: 9 ABY
Place: Gastus IV
Outcome: Imperial victory

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Gastus IV


Emperor Bacharan Valak
Admiral Airion Cimber
Commodore Danik Kreldin
Commander Zeak Oppenheimer
Morganna Tazecks

Luke Skywalker


Death Star III
HIMS Emperor Valak
HIMS Tyrant

Angry Rancor



Gastus IV and its population, Jack Raven and Rhea Zuri

The Destruction of Gastus IV was the start of the newly-coronated Emperor Valak's great campaign to rebuild the Empire. It was at Gastus IV that Valak introduced the third Death Star to the galaxy.

The Death Star emerged from hyperspace with its accompanying fleet and immediately set out to achieve their goal of destroying the peaceful world. With no real obstacles, Gastus IV having no defense force of any kind, the Death Star destroyed the planet in mere minutes after its arrival.

Luke Skywalker and other Republic officials were aboard the cruise liner, Angry Rancor, at the time of the attack. Imperial starfighters were dispatched to intercept and capture Angry Rancor, forcing the crew to leave behind their commanders, Jack Raven and Rhea Zuri, whom would die when the superlaser hit.

After Gastus IV, the galaxy was shocked and horrified to see that the Empire had brought back yet another Death Star. Angry Rancor, which had escaped the system and Imperial pursuit, jumped to Caspia, where they delivered news of Gastus's fate to the galaxy.

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