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Battle of Tatooine
Conflict: Local
Date: 6 ABY
Place: Tatooine
Outcome: Imperial victory

Galactic Empire



Warlord Bacharan Valak
Captain Danik Kreldin



HIMS Emperor Valak
HIMS Tyrant



Very light

Entire V'ez-Tcha syndicate.

The Battle of Tatooine was a localized conflict deep in the Outer Rim on the desert planet of Tatooine, where the criminal syndicate V'ez-Tcha had grown large and powerful enough to attract the interests of the Empire. The Interim Ruling Council, under the control of Admiral-turned-Warlord, Bacharan Valak, decided to crush the syndicate and establish a garrison on the planet, and thus invaded.

After an orbital bombardment, the headquarters of the syndicate was destroyed, and soon the Empire had achieved total supremacy over the planet. A garrison was established soon after. V'ez-Tcha was totally wiped out, its leaders imprisoned and shipped off to Kessel.

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