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Battle of Smuggler's Run
Conflict: Sith War
Date: 17 ABY
Place: Smuggler's Run
Outcome: Sith victory; death of Undula the Hutt

New Sith Order

Hutt Cartel of Undula


Axel Vichten
Aknar Koth'lyri

Undula the Hutt]




Undula the Hutt
Most of Undula's agents

The Battle of Smuggler's Run was the result of Undula the Hutt's betrayal of the New Sith Order in late 17 ABY. Undula, running his own crime syndicate out of the Run, had affiliated himself with Darth Malign and his Sith Order, but soon saw potential in betraying the Sith. This shortsightedness led to his quick assassination; the Sith stormed Smuggler's Run, detonating a thermal detonator within Undula's throne room, making quick work of him and his cartel. The rest of the asteroid was seized by the Sith; any who got in the way of the Sith were ruthlessly killed, innocent or not. Smuggler's Run was turned over to the Sith for its own purposes.

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