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Battle of Pergalia
Conflict: Galactic Civil War, Second Griffons Campaign
Date: 11 ABY
Place: Pergalia
Outcome: Imperial victory

Galactic Empire

Griffon Alliance




The Battle of Pergalia was a relatively short battle fought between the Galactic Empire and the Griffons Alliance during the Second Griffons Campaign.

As a follow-on action from the Fourth Battle of Pride-1, an Imperial assault fleet arrived in-system, detached from the bulk of the Imperial Fleet mopping up in Scythia and headed to Montiux. There was virtually no opposition to the Imperial arrival, save a single Envoy-class cruiser (GSS Apolagos) and a clutch of other smaller ships and lighters which either scattered or were overwhelmed in short order. The assault ships took up position around the planet and deployed their landing barges and shuttles — elements of the 555th Scout Trooper Squadron were the first with their boots on the ground.

Perplexing to the Imperial officers was the lack of initial defense in the light of the prolonged, intense battle at Scythia (Pride-1). It soon became evident the reason for the lack of activity after several probe droids became lost or disoriented and TIE fighters, sent out as scouts, returned because of complete obscurement of their viewports. Pergalia's atmosphere is so saturated with pyroclastic debris that visibility and detectability was greatly hampered. The Pergalese defenders had little alert as to when, where, or how many Imperial forces had landed. Seizing on this advantage, the Imperial forces amassed into heavy assault units, encircled the populated zones, and overwhelmed them swiftly.

Pergalia turned out to be much more difficult to occupy than to conquer, though, conjuring up memories of Felucia from the Clone Wars, more so from the frightening occurrence of patrolling troops disappearing by ones and twos instead of in large, out-in-the-open conflict. As such, six months time saw the Empire drastically reduce its presence on the planet directly, centering its assets in the populated zones and leaving a few second-tier warships in-system. Attrition of this nature, especially on a Griffon world, would be contributing factor to Grand Admiral Danik Kreldin's later decision to desolate Grinndal by a Base Delta Zero attack.

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