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Battle of Novar III
Conflict: Imperial Civil War
Date: 11 ABY
Place: Novar III
Outcome: Imperial Victory

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

True Empire


Emperor Bacharan Valak
Admiral Kendal Osbourne
Admiral Salin Fawzy
Rear Admiral Danik Kreldin
Major Wescal Cantrell

Roth Satel
Admiral Javert
Royal Guardsman Hald
Major Kaum


HIMS Invidious
HIMS Tormentor

HIMS Emperor's Fist



  • Palpatine
  • Admiral Javert
  • Royal Guardsman Hald

The final battle of the Imperial Civil War. The forces of Palpatine had been driven across the galaxy to their last stronghold on Novar III.

The Empire had split its forces up in the wake of the Third Battle of Venixun, with portions of the fleet moving on to continue the war against the Griffons Alliance, while the rest mopped up the remnants of Palpatine's rebellion.

With Emperor Valak personally overseeing the final battle, the last remnants of resistance were wiped out, and the rebel leaders were captured and executed, but not before Palpatine was revealed to be an imposter, and not the real Emperor Palpatine from years past.

The rebellion was crushed, and the Imperial Civil War was over.

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