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Battle of Kuat
Conflict: Moff Sekirol Crisis
Date: 14 ABY
Place: Kuat
Outcome: Imperial victory

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Principality of Chiarn


High Admiral Danik Kreldin
Admiral David Stone

Moff Jorgen Sekirol


HIMS Conqueror
HIMS Malevolent
HIMS Tormentor

PCS Iron Will
PCS Vindictive



Following the defeat at Chiarn, Sekirol mounted his forces at one of his few remaining strongholds near Imperial territory and prepared for a counter-offensive, utilizing his INFERNO Cannon.

Principality forces deployed and struck at the vital Imperial planet of Kuat, in an attempt to destroy the planet and its precious shipyards in orbit. The Imperials quickly responded in fear of losing Kuat, deploying Task Force Nebula and the Imperial 1st Fleet to crush the Principality once and for all.

As preparations began for using the Cannon on Kuat, the Imperial fleet arrived, led by Danik Kreldin, and engaged the Principalty fleet. The Imperial fleet vastly outnumbered and outgunned the Principality forces, and Imperial guns and bombers began raining fire upon the Cannon itself.

Just a few short minutes before the Cannon fired, the Imperials were successful in destroying the Cannon and saving Kuat. Sekirol, realizing he was done for, ordered the retreat of his surviving forces to his last stronghold, the Gate of Thrawn.

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