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Battle of Kappa
Conflict: Galactic Civil War
Date: 11 ABY
Place: Asteroid Kappa
Outcome: New Republic victory

Galactic Empire

New Republic / Asteroid Kappa


Admiral Kendal Osbourne
Rear Admiral Danik Kreldin
Captain Fianar Reanus

Tyler McBride
Axel Vichten
Colonel Peshk_Vry'lya


HIMS Dark Eminence
HIMS Tormentor
HIMS Admiral Canis

Asteroid Kappa
NRSD Chancellor




After achieving victory in the Imperial Civil War, the Empire turned its attention to the criminal giant, Tyler McBride and his Asteroid Kappa. The Dark Eminence arrived in system, delivering an ultimatum to the criminals. Less than a week later, after failing to comply to the ultimatum, the Imperials invaded in full-force.

The New Republic arrived to reinforce the Asteroid, and held their ground. The New Republic with the aid of Asteroid Kappa's crew managed to do the impossible, evacuate the entire asteroid from the belt before the Imperials returned. The asteroid was relocated to the Bothawui system, and became the Bothan Federation's number one mining company in addition to beginning a campaign against the Galactic Empire.

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