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Battle of Guritsan
Conflict: War of the Throne
Date: 12 ABY
Place: Guritsan
Outcome: Victory for Lorn Rhys; Kendal Osbourne captured

Lorn Rhys and supporters

Kendal Osbourne and supporters


Lorn Rhys
Vassily Korolov
Admiral Danik Kreldin

Emperor Kendal Osbourne


HIMS Dark Eminence
HIMS Conqueror



HIMS Dark Eminence destroyed, heavy losses

The Battle of Guritsan was a fierce and devastating conflict within the Galactic Empire's War of the Throne, marking the end of Emperor Kendal Osbourne's hold of the Imperial throne. The battle was a major stepping stone in Lorn Rhys' conquest for the throne.

Rhys, having returned to the Empire after his failure with the Vigilant Movement in 7 ABY, sought about overthrowing Osbourne's regime. He earned the cooperation of Vassily Korolov, the head of the Royal Guard, and many more in Imperial High Command and the Select Committee. Rhys then sealed a deal with the Corporate Sector Authority for aid in ousting Osbourne.

The attack was made with swift execution. HIMS Dark Eminence was crippled in the fighting by paid agents of Rhys and the Imperial Navy broke down into three camps: those who supported Osbourne, those who supporters Rhys, and those who sided with neither... one such commander was Danik Kreldin, who saw the battle was destructive for the Empire. He maintained loyalty to Bacharan Valak and initially refused to side with either side; but, like many more commanders, he was forced to side with Rhys when the Stormtrooper attachment aboard his flag threatened to kill him and his crew.

On the planet, Corporate Sector ESPOs launched an attack against the Imperial Palace, where Osbourne was besieged. Rhys personally lead the attack force into the Imperial Palace where they subdued and captured Osbourne. When news of Osbourne's capture reached his units, the fighting ended and Rhys had won. But it did not mark the end of the battle; for reasons unknown, Rhys ordered the Dark Eminence to set course for Guritsan's surface. After evacuating the planet, the massive warship collided with Imperial City, killing millions and reducing the planet to a wasteland.

As the dust settled, Osbourne was encased in carbonite as a decoration for Rhys. With victory at Guritsan, Rhys marshaled his forces and set out towards Dreven, where he met in battle with the remains of Osbourne's loyalists.

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