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Battle of Etti IV
Battle of Etti IV
Conflict: Galactic Civil War
Date: 6 ABY
Place: Etti IV
Outcome: Imperial victory

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Emblem nr starphoenix
New Republic


Grand Moff Ariak Caldny
Dark Lord Sabbathius Osbourne
Grand Admiral Russel Canis
Lieutenant Colonel Russel
Captain Lexington Atticus
Captain Lennox
Commander Danik Kreldin
Lieutenant Heinrich Stalh

Admiral Jeralic
General Inoga
Solon Halwinder


HIMS Vanguard
HIMS Tyrant
Cerebus Squadron

MCSC Alderaan
NRV Hyperon


Grand Admiral Canis
HIMS Vanguard


The Battle of Etti IV was a major, chaotic battle fought over Etti IV, as a result of the arrest of Han Solo by the Corporate Sector Authority, between the Galactic Empire and the New Republic.

The battle had its roots in the arrest of Han Solo, hero to the Republic, by officials of the CSA. The arrest was witnessed by the Emperor's Hand, Alora Antieres, and Grand Moff Ariak Caldny, leader of the Interim Ruling Council, was quickly apprised of the situation. Seeing an opportunity to deal a critical blow to the Republic and bolstering sagging Imperial morale, Caldny ordered his most skillful commander, Grand Admiral Russel Canis, to Etti IV to seize Solo and prevent his release to the Republic, who had also sent a fleet to the system to place pressure on the Authority and secure Solo's release.

Dark Lord of the Sith Sabbathius Osbourne also arrived in the system along with the Empire, to assist the Empire and benefit his own agenda. Tension in the system was high, as the Republic and Imperial fleets came close to initiating an all-out war over Authority space. However, Lord Osbourne met privately with Simone Drake, the Authority Prex, and convinced the Prex to turn Solo secretly over to him. Hours later, Solo was off the planet aboard the Sith's private shuttle.

Days later, the battle began - it is still unknown who fired the first shot, but the ensuing battle was chaotic, the largest since the Battle of Endor. The battle would spread to the ground, and casualties on both sides were immense. The Authority was caught in the middle, their capital city ravaged by the Galactic Civil War.

The battle lasted for weeks. Towards the middle of the engagement, a New Republic cruiser, previously disabled, rose from behind the HIMS Vanguard and collided, breaching the primary and emergency reactor compartments, and exposing the Engineering section to the vacuum of space. With the loss in power and ensuing chaos, the Star Destroyer was quickly overwhelmed by the gathered New Republic forces. Stormtroopers were successful in rescuing Admiral Canis before the ship was entirely destroyed, but radiation poisoning from the damaged reactor would later claim the Admiral's life.

While death tolls were catastrophic, the Empire emerged victorious. General Inoga, commander of Republic forces, was forced to retreat. After the Republic retreat, the Imperial fleet, under orders from Caldny, departed. Han Solo was in Imperial hands, and would not be rescued until some time after the Duel on Palanhi.

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