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Battle of Dreven
Conflict: War of the Throne
Date: 12 ABY
Place: Dreven
Outcome: Victory for Lorn Rhys

Lorn Rhys and his supporters

Loyalists to Kendal Osbourne


Lorn Rhys
Lord Vassily Korolov
Admiral Danik Kreldin



HIMS Inquisitor





The Battle of Dreven was the final confrontation within the Galactic Empire between Lorn Rhys and forces loyal to the apprehended Kendal Osbourne. With victory at Guritsan, Rhys set his forces upon the old Imperial throne world of Dreven, where resided many Imperial nobles and the last remnants of any organized force loyal to Osbourne.

The battle was short and decisive; Osbourne's forces had very little chance for victory. Their fleet was utterly destroyed and any organized ground resistance was swept away with orbital bombardments. Nobles were also targeted in the bombardments, killing many in the Imperial Court.

With the conclusion of the battle, Rhys remained unopposed and his hold on the throne was secured. He declared himself Emperor and made residence on Dreven's Castle Tsabak.

After the battle, the War of the Throne would continue to propagate. Rhys himself would be supplanted sometime after the battle at Dreven by Darth Pain, killed in his throne room in Tsabak.

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