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Battle of Chiarn
Conflict: Moff Sekirol Crisis
Date: 14 ABY
Place: Chiarn
Outcome: Imperial victory

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Principality of Chiarn


High Admiral Danik Kreldin
Admiral David Stone
General Morrison van Sen

Moff Jorgen Sekirol
Field Marshal Cyrus Valtoor


HIMS Conqueror
HIMS Malevolent
HIMS Tormentor
HIMS Broadsword

PCS Iron Will
PCS Vindictive
PCS Sceptre of Ages
PCS Citadel of Chiarn
PCS Red Fury



PCS Sceptre of Ages

With success at both Barida and Todell, the Empire set their sights on the capital of Sekirol's Principality, Chiarn. Using Barida, a planet in close proximity to the capital world, as a staging point for the invasion, Task Force Nebula set off for Chiarn.

Chiarn was the most heavily defend planet in the Hafan Sector, with three defensive layers and numerous torpedo spheres and Golan Battlestations. Kreldin's plan of attack called for hard strike at the weak point in the Principality's defenses, which was only accessible via the hyperspace route between Barida and Chiarn, and to break through this point quickly in order to slip behind the Principality's defenses and ravage the remains of the Principality Navy.

Standing in the way of Nebula, however, was the INFERNO Cannon, stationed at Chiarn and ready for use. Upon Nebula's arrive, the Imperial task force quickly broke through the weak point in Chiarn's defenses, despite mounting casualties from both the Cannon and the Principality defenses.

After a three-hour long engagement, the Principality Navy was defeated in battle, and retreated. The Cannon, which suffered heavy damage, was forced to retreat as well, and Imperial dominance over the system was assured and mop-up operations against the remaining hostile defenses began. Several torpedo spheres were taken intact and deployed alongside Task Force Nebula for use in future operations.

With control over space now complete, the Imperial Army deployed and fought against the remaining ground forces on Chiarn under the command of Field Marshal Cyrus Valtoor. After three days of fighting, however, Valtoor surrendered his army on the terms he and his men would receive amnesty. Kreldin agreed. Valtoor later became an advisor to Danik Kreldin, and helped Kreldin through future campaigns, such as the Third Battle of Sullust.

After the battle, the capital of the Principality had been seized, and Sekirol was on the run with his Cannon and the remnants of his fleet. Task Force Nebula now turned to mopping up the remnants of Sekirol.

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