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Battle in the Obsidian Citadel
Conflict: Sith War
Date: 17 ABY
Place: Trandosha
Outcome: Jedi victory; rescue of Enb'Zik's family

New Sith Order

Jedi Order


Darth Malign

Luke Skywalker
Jessalyn Valios


Axel Vichten


Several Sith agents


The Battle in the Obsidian Citadel was a relatively short skirmish between Darth Malign, his New Sith Order and agents of the Jedi Order that occurred in late 17 ABY. The exchange began when Malign kidnapped the family of rising Jedi Enb'Zik; Malign twisted his family, encasing them in specialized capsules and performing experiments on them through the use of Sith Alchemy. Enb'Zik was eventually invited to the Citadel by Malign himself to have his family returned to him. However, Malign planned to use the situation to turn Enb'Zik to the Dark side of the Force.

Things quickly turned sour as Enb'Zik was not alone in his rescue operation; backed up by the famous Jedi Jessalyn Valios and comrades from the Deralian Confederal Union, conflict erupted between the two forces. Jessalyn and Malign engaged in a ferocious lightsaber duel as Enb'Zik and his commandos fought their way to the capsules containing his family. Ultimately, Enb'Zik was successful in rescuing some of his family, stealing a shuttle nearby and whisking them away. Malign, however, was unconcerned, as all had gone according to plan. As Enb'Zik fled from Trandosha, trailed by starfighters of the Sith Order, ominous words came into his mind through the Force: Malign was speaking to him, warning him that the only way to save his family from their mutations was through the dark side, as no Jedi technique existed to save them from their peril.

Luke Skywalker, having foreseen this struggle, had rushed to the system as quickly as he could, and pushed through Axel Vichten's interdictor defenses just in the nick of time. Backed up by both Skywalker and Valios, Enb'Zik found the will to ignore the call of the dark side. The Jedi disabled the safety protocols on their navigational computers, then, utilizing Force Harmony, performed a blind jump into hyperspace to escape. Enb'Zik made way for a nearby CDU fleet, while Luke and Jessalyn headed for the safety of nearby Kashyyyk.

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