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The Assault on the Pleasure Palace
Grubba prepares for the siege
Conflict: Nar Shaddaa Revolution
Date: 15 ABY
Place: Pleasure Palace, Nar Shaddaa
Outcome: New Sith Order victory (in secrecy)

New Sith Order

Grubba the Hutt


Darth Malign
Axel Vichten

Grubba the Hutt


Allies to Darth Malign and Thanos.

Grubba's Palace Defenders


Thanos (?)

Grubba the Hutt (?)]
Grubba's Palace Defenders

"Grubba must be feeling desperate."
Kaitlin Mainwaring

The Assault on the Pleasure Palace saw the end of Hutt rule on Nar Shaddaa during the Nar Shaddaa Revolution of 15 ABY.

Breaking In Edit

The Smugglers Moon was little more than a colossal heap of bodies and shattered buildings. The Hutt sector had taken the strongest onslaught. It's streets were empty... even the cries of the dying went unheard. Between "Tatooine Bob", Thanos, and their rag-tag usurpers, the last remnants of Grubba the Hutt's closest supporters had been beaten back into the Hutt's palace.

After fighting through greasy, black smoke and a group of Gamorrean guards, Thanos and his allies broke into the Pleasure Palace and into Grubba's throne room, where they were greeted by the Hutt's thick, booming laugh. The Hutt attempted to strike a deal with Thanos, but he failed to see the danger in mocking the Sith. Thanos was never much of a negotiator, and was the first to begin spraying Grubba's mercenary guards with superheated plasma.

Taking Down the Hutt Edit

"I hate to be pushed around."
Darth Malign

The ensuing battle was fierce. Blasters and grenades filled the close quarters between Grubba's men and his attackers, as the Hutt himself moved to make an escape. Thanos, however, was not about to let the Hutt get even that far. Seeing an opening, he pursued Grubba into his landing hangar, when an unexpected explosion rocks the hangar, shaking the entire Palace to its foundation and blocking the entryway to the landing hangar.

Vichten and Dareus ordered their ships to move into a lock down position, firing on any vessel in range that wasn't with them. Similarly, Malign ordered his commander to begin landing troops and secure Nar Shaddaa. New Republic vessels were reported in system, and the Sith Lord was not going to take any chances with them meddling in his affairs. He ordered the remaining allies to retreat to the Side Deck, as the Hutt Fleet commenced its attack on Malign and Vichten's forces in space.

Moments later, Scimitar Assault Bombers from HIMS Predator flattened the Pleasure Palace into slag.

OOC Information Edit

  • The New Sith Order and any mention to this group is strictly OOC.

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