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The Assault on Garrison Vexed
Conflict: Corellian Corruption Scandal
Date: 15 ABY
Place: Garrison Vexed, Outer Rim
Outcome: Galactic Empire Domination

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Imperial Loyalists

Emblem nr starphoenix
New Republic


Line Captain Rall
Captain Laran
High Colonel Levvis
Fleet Commodore Inrokana
Commander Nelhrn
Squadron Leader Dante
Sector Director Fleming

Imperial Loyalists:

New Republic:
Major Sh'vani


Task Force Inquisitor

8 Cruisers
4 Corvettes
6 Frigates
192 Fighters
96 Bombers
3 AT-AT Walkers
3025 Soldiers

New Republic:
Ghost Squadron


Starfighter Corps
2 Scimitar Destroyed
7 Scimitar Damaged
5 TIE MkII Destroyed
23 TIE MkII Damaged 11 Pilots Killed
28 Pilots Wounded

Naval Forces
3 Corvettes Damaged
1 Heavy Cruiser Damaged
52 Killed
278 Wounded

Ground Forces
31 Soldiers Killed
51 Soldiers Wounded

94 Personnel Killed
357 Personnel Wounded

Imperial Loyalists:
7 Cruisers Destroyed
1 Cruiser Damaged
4 Corvettes Destroyed
6 Frigates Destroyed
3 Freighters Captured
122 Fighters Destroyed
56 Fighters Damaged
14 Fighters Captured
52 Bombers Destroyed
27 Bombers Damaged
17 Bombers Captured
3 AT-AT Walkers Destroyed
1563 Soldiers Killed
1462 Soldiers Imprisoned

New Republic:

The Assault on Garrison Vexed, or the Battle for Purification, was the last in a series of engagements to purge the Empire of Danik Kreldin's followers, influence, and the Imperial Loyalists in late 15 ABY.

"But understand that with these plans there lies a heightened risk of failure, the chances of information leaking or them being alerted is multiplied three times. Understand that failure is not an option here."
Darth Malign addressing Krieg Inrokana.

Wait and See Edit

In the wake of treachery within the Imperial military, the need for speed and surprise was paramount. Three bases were three well known traitorous strongholds. The plan called for a signals intercept force be sent to each of the systems to intercept and prevent any messages from getting out. It also was to provide Imperial command basic Intel to each system. Each unit was sent and ordered to watch and wait as the traitors revealed themselves through time. Once it was determined no further information could be gained from a location it was planned to isolate it from their insurrection, neutralize, and re-educate as necessary.

Isolation Edit

During the period of observation the ISB teams sent out by Director Fleming they were able to track all the traitors to one last location. They were consolidated at Garrison Vexed, the two other outposts had long ago been abandoned to strengthen their position; an effort they hoped would give them enough power to face the certain battle to come. It was at this final location that the last fragments of the Danik regime calling themselves the Imperial Loyalists met their grim fate.

Final Assault Edit

"Wipe them out, all of them... and I don't need survivors."
Jal'Dana Rall to Task Force Inquisitor

Sabotage Edit

In preparation for the fleet and ground forces to strike that were positioned in key locations throughout the system, ISB agent Dreven Mercurio was planet side sabotaging the defenses. Making quick work of the guards he was able to plant explosive charges on the shield generator, bringing it down. This allowed the 501st to push into the base, wiping out the main control tower in the initial strike. Their assault triggered the next portion of the battle, bringing every ship of Task Force Inquisitor. The system patrol was quickly overwhelmed, and the frigates/corvettes in system were not far behind.

Upon the base the 501st rained purifying fire into the traitor's positions, taking everything out that moved or was even remotely connected to the enemy positions. They wasted little time in taking out all vehicles and ground emplacements and soon made their way deep into the garrison.

"All vessels defying the true might of the Empire; prepare to die."
Krieg Inrokana to Task Force Inquisitor

Strike Edit

Hiding not far from the system in the blackness of space, the ships of Task Force Inquisitor were brought in to deliver a heavy, lethal blow to the garrison forces. Line Captain Jal'Dana Rall and Fleet Commodore Krieg Inrokana led the force into battle, deploying every last fighter and bomber in the force.

"All vessels wishing to defy the alleged might of the Empire are welcome to form up with Ghost Squadron and put their actions to good use. Otherwise, begin praying to whichever gods or natural forces you prefer, for we will assist you in meeting them."
Kyrin Sh'vani to all vessels in system

Old Nemesis Edit

Not long into the fight Ghost Squadron of the New Republic dropped into system on a routine reconnaissance mission only to fall into the middle of the battle. Krieg quickly diverted Razor Squadron from attack duties on the traitors to engage the Ghosts and also protect the fleet from a potential attack on their flank. About this same time traitor reinforcements hiding on the dark side of the planet engaged, consisting of several cruisers. In time, the true Imperial forces began to overwhelm and destroy the traitor ships one by one.

Last Resistance Edit

"You've got to be kidding me..."
Rei'yak Caridla at the arrival of enemy AT-AT walkers

During this same time on the ground the traitors revealed AT-AT walkers along with many citizens, women and children alike. It was apparent to the inhabitants of the garrison that their fate was sealed as they fought like cornered animals for a cause not worthy of them. For the skilled troopers of the 501st though, the last enemy push to repel them was crushed as fast as it was started. It wasn't long before the garrison was secured, and all survivors of the incident rounded up and handed over to COMPNOR for re-education.

Launched just moments prior to being completely overrun, the traitors had sent off three freighters to fleet the planet full of citizens that had no affiliation and were totally innocent. Standing orders for the Imperials, however, was that nobody escaped. One of the transports was damaged right away and was unable to escape. For the other two, however, a heated battle between Ghost Squadron and Razor Squadron ensued. The end result of their melee resulted in one freighter being recovered by Imperial forces while the other escaped to hyperspace, escorted by rebel X-Wings.

Sterilization Edit

"Intelligence has reported the complete capture all base resources and personnel. All communications traffic and sensor logs of the incident have been sealed and classified. Garrison Vexed is to be rebuilt and new forces under close security will be assigned to the base. All prisoners are to be sent back to Imperial High Command and the ISB and no information further on their disposition will occur."
Krieg Inrokana in his report to Imperial High Command

The attack was a complete and total success. Not only was Task Force Inquisitor able to destroy the last remaining outpost, but they were able to eliminate every last traitor in a single blow. There were some casualties sustained, but not nearly the amount the enemy suffered. Even though Ghost Squadron was able to return with a freighter full of refugees, Task Force Inquisitor still accomplished exactly what their orders dictated.

OOC Information Edit

The log of the battle: RPlog:Destruction of Garrison Vexed

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